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Sydney BalloonEntertaining with a Twist

Ever seen what someone with way too much free time can do with a bag of balloons?



Eli’s award-winning balloon twisting has taken him throughout the Midwest, Canada, and even onto the streets of London, England. In 1999, he published his first book, “The Ultimate Balloon Twister’s Guide”, offering step-by-step instructions on over 75 designs, including performance tips for twisting in front of a live audience.


In 2007, inspired by the huge success of the first book (his mother even bought a copy after realizing that a FREE copy was just not gonna happen), Eli published the follow-up book, creatively titled “The Ultimate Balloon Twister’s Guide Vol 2". How two books can both claim to be “ultimate” continues to baffle experts.




Eli’s philosophy on balloon twisting has always been this: no matter how good the twister may be, their first priority is to entertain their audience, and not impress them. An entertaining twister who can only make a limited variety of balloons is far more valuable than an amazing twister who, unfortunately, has less personality than a sack of ball-peen hammers.


Eli continues to work on new balloon twisting educational tools, knowing full well that by calling them “educational tools”, it makes them sound way more important than it actually is.




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