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Sydney BalloonWith Just a Splash of Color.....

Face Painting...the new rave in party entertainment!


What Exactly Do We Do?

Why Settle for a balloon or a rainbow on a cheek? Using only the best non-toxic water based face paints,
we can transform you or your guests with one of our mondo cool designs in about 4 - 6minutes. Although
full face designs are our specialty, we also offer plenty of cheek and hand designs for the less adventurous. And please...."upper" cheeks only. It's a family show.



What Exactly Don't We Do?


Look as hard as you want, but what you'll NEVER see us do is

• Use Glitter to Cover Up Mistakes
• Use Stencils or Stamps
• Use Temporary Tattoos and call it Face Painting
• Use Craft or Poster Paint
• Turn down an opportunity to paint a frying egg on a bald man's head




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