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The Ultimate Balloon Twister's Guide Vol. 1 (Book)

Designed for beginners through advanced twisters, "The Ultimate Balloon Twister's Guide Vol. 1" has become one of the best selling books on balloon twisting in recent years. Beginners will be pleased with the thoroughness of the instructions. Every single step of the over 80 designs is carefully and completely explained with both text and illustrations. The more experienced twisters will be able to bypass most of the written details and follow along with only the illustrations as their guide.


"The Ultimate Balloon Twister's Guide Vol. 1" features over 100 pages of balloon twisting designs and instructions (from a one balloon dog for the beginner to a seven balloon well known cartoon character), including tips and techniques on balloon inflation, the basic twists, performance tips, and a special section on balloon hats. No other book on the market offers this much quality material at this price.


Price: $11.00 (plus shipping)

Softcover, spiral bound, 102 pages


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