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The Ultimate Balloon Twister's Guide Vol. 2 (Book)

Following the success of Volume 1, author Eli Echevarria proudly presents Volume 2 in the series. Using the same writing and illustrating style, Volume 2 features over 100 pages of highly detailed and accurate illustrated instructions on over 50 different balloon sculptures, and also includes step-by-step instructions of all the basic twists needed to complete every design.


The book is broken down into several categories: including single and multiple balloon designs, holiday balloons, flowers, hats, balloon weapons, balloon special effects to enhance designs, and a thorough "How To" guide to landing balloon twisting work in restaurants. Volume 2 should not be regarded as an advanced companion to the first book. Like Volume 1, the featured designs range from simple single balloon designs, to more complex multiple balloons designs.


Price: $11.00 (plus shipping)

Softcover, spiral bound, 116 pages


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