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The Ultimate Balloon Twister's Guide Vol. 2 (CD-ROM)

Following the success of Volume 1, author Eli Echevarria proudly presents Volume 2 in the series. Using the same writing and illustrating style, Volume 2 features over 100 screens of highly detailed and accurate illustrated instructions on creating over 50 different balloon sculptors, and also includes step-by-step instructions of all the basic twists needed to complete every design.


"The Ultimate Balloon Twister's Guide Vol 2 " interactive CD-ROM (for both PC and Mac) features FULL COLOR Illustrations of each different balloon sculptors as well as video clips demonstrating each of the basic twists.


The CD-ROM is broken down into several categories: including single and multiple balloon designs, holiday balloons, flowers, hats, balloon weapons, balloon special effects to enhance designs, and a thorough "How To" guide to landing balloon twisting work in restaurants.


Price: $10.00 (plus shipping)

PC and Mac Format


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